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KETS – Our Services

Scope of Service

  • Projects – Supply , Installation & Commissioning
    • Electrical divisions Projects
    • Solution Projects
    • Mechanical divisions Projects
    • Instruments divisions Projects
  • Operation & Maintenance (O & M) 
  • Condition Monitoring & Reliability
    • Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC)
    • IR Scanning (Thermography)
    • Power System Study (PSS) & Relay Coordination
    • Power Quality Analysis (PQA)
  • Energy Audits & Consultancy


Industrial Solutions & Services provided by us

Projects – Supply , Installation & Commissioning

We are one of the Best Expertises who can provide Solutions & Services for Turnkey projects to get more profit & to attain a good Target.
We adhere to the similar opportunities without any limit or Boundary. Our Area is expending in Electrical, Mechanical, and Instrumentations, Civil & in Field instruments also.

Electrical Division Projects

Comprehensive Installation and Commissioning

  • Switchyards upto 400 KV
  • PCC & MCC panel ,Drives erection & wiring
  • Sub stations
  • Transformers
  • Circuit breakers
  • MCC’s & PCC’s
  • Motors
  • D.G. sets
  • Control panels & junction boxes
  • Fabrication and erection of cable trays
  • Cable laying
  • dressing & tagging, glanding & termination, earthling
  • Testing & no load trials

 Solution Projects

  • To reduce & mitigate the Harmonic Level of plant
  • To Increase the Power Redundancy of System
  • To Optimize the Plant Power Consumption & enhancing its efficiency
  • To reduce the Breakdown of System
  • To improve the plant reliability.

Mechanical Division Projects

For New Machinery & Equipment

  • Unloading
  • Shifting from storage yard to erection site
  • Placement of equipment & matching on foundations
  • Initial and final alignment
  • Commissioning assistance

For Second-hand / Overseas Plants

  • Surveying
  • Match-marketing
  • Dismantling
  • Packing
  • Overhauling
  • Modification/ retro fitment
  • Revamping
  • Re-erection
  • Commissioning assistance

Instrumentation Division Projects

  • Installation of DCS panels & junction boxes
  • Installation of field & online instruments
  • Installation of QCS & UPS system
  • Fabrication & erection of control cable trays
  • Laying, glanding, termination of control cables
  • Calibration of instruments
  • Overhauling of old CV & other instruments
  • Interlock checking
  • Hot & cold test
  • Commissioning

Operations & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contracts cover all aspects and activities necessary to run your industry in a safe and most economical manner. An O&M agreement will help you minimize your risks and maximize your profit. KETS is in the position to offer OEM expertise and extensive O&M experience at the same time. Consequently our O&M clients will benefit from the most extensive warranties with our (Area of Operation) performance.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) service means that we care about your assets. With our experienced and highly qualified personnel we will provide the following services:
1. Operation (24/7)
2. Preventive Maintenance
3. Corrective Maintenance
4. Condition Monitoring
5. Remote Monitoring by Expert Center
6. Provision of Spare Parts and Consumables
7. Repair and Refurbishment of major components
8. Execution of scheduled Outages

At the heart of matters: Specifying the revision plan on-site.
All these services are provided by an organization, which is managed in compliance with internal Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental standards.

In addition we will provide regular updates and modernizations of your Plant technology aligned to your business requirements.

Condition Monitoring & Reliability Solutions

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) 

In AMC we provide Preventive Maintenace, Overhauling & Testing of Switchyards & Production Plants equipments. It also includes Oil Filtration, dehydration & Testing & on site Fault repairing of Transformers etc.

IR Scanning of Electrical Equipments 

It includes Thermography of whole plant electrical equipments. It helps to enhance the equipment life & required to trace out heated parts. We have also solutions for wireless Continuous monitoring of IR Scanning of outdoor /Remote Equipments. It also helps in theft protection.

Power System Study & Relay Co-ordination 

To check the system reliability & its stability.

Power Quality Analysis

KETS conducts power quality audits which entail determining the power quality problem that may exist in the facility and providing solutions to mitigate the same.


Energy Audits & Consultancy

Energy Audits

It includes following

      • Walk Through Audits
      • Detailed Measurement & Analysis
      • Final Reports submission with Energy Optimization & Energy efficiency Solutions 


We are one of the best leading consultants to provide the system design, Plant design & Industrial Solutions. On the project end our expertise are experienced one to provide theProject Management for any entire Project Portfolio.